About us


The Company is a regional reputable player in marine and offshore activities, mainly in marine operations, vessel’s machinery, naval architecture and structures, since 2010.

OCL employs staff and non-staff surveyors— Master Mariners, first class Marine Engineers and Naval Architects with years of sea service, substantial field experience and significant background as Flag State surveyors, Port State Control Officers and ship repair specialists.


Orient Chartering & Logistic Ltd has been established in July 2015.

The Company is specialized in chartering of river vessels at Danube river, transshipment of cargo at port of Constanta and Agiggea, Romania, chartering of sea going vessel with bulk, general and project cargoes worldwide and through Volgo-Don canal to Caspian Sea.

Orient Chartering & Logistic Ltd has established a high standard of HSE Policy and a chain of subcontractors for additional logistic services worldwide.


  • Orient Chartering & Logistic Ltd can perform development of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) on behalf of Owner/Operators to comply with the Hong Kong Convention and/or EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) 1257/2013, as described in Guidelines for the development of the IHM, mentioned in Resolution MEPC.269(68).

  • Orient Chartering & Logistic Ltd can perform Inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) maintenance service on behalf of Owner/Operators as required by Paragraph 5.2.2 of Guidelines for the development of the IHM, mentioned in Resolution MEPC.269(68) and Regulation 5.3 of Hong Kong Convention.

  • When during the process of development of the IHM, asbestos containing materials were found on board, Orient Chartering & Logistic Ltd can:

    >> Perform additional asbestos survey to investigate more thoroughly whether a ship’s systems contain asbestos and evaluate any potential asbestos problems and perform the necessary asbestos remediation services.

    >> Develop Asbestos Management Plan on behalf of Owner/Operators in accordance with the guidance provided in MSC/Circ.1045 – Guidelines for the Maintenance and Monitoring of On-board Material Containing Asbestos.

    >> Can perform encapsulation (involves the application of a coating) or enclosure (covering the asbestos containing materials with a non-asbestos material, forming a physical barrier) with best suitable asbestos abatement method and materials, when asbestos containing materials is no necessary to be removed.

    >> Can perform Asbestos removal with the use of industry approved methods and equipment, delivery of asbestos waste at designated facility/site and issue of “Asbestos Free Certificate”.

    >> Can perform Asbestos Air Testing Services – personal and static asbestos air sampling for control monitoring (during work on asbestos containing material), exposure monitoring (to estimate a person’s exposure to asbestos) and clearance monitoring (after the work on asbestos containing material has been completed).